Consistently Inconsistent Build Report

Here you will find build report on Consistently Inconsistent along with other facts about the bot. However there are many gaps in the report cause we forgot to take pictures.



messyworkbench.gif (162677 bytes)Are messy work bench, time to clean


 cutting.gif (104304 bytes)All cleaned up, time to get to work cutting the square tubing by hand for the frame, fun fun...



holdingbotframe 1-03-02.JPG (80578 bytes)The bottom section of the frame all ready to be welded


frame.gif (84282 bytes)The bottom section of the frame completed



backbb.gif (87841 bytes)The top section of the frame is welded and they drive system is test fitted


preparing_to_weld_caster_mounts.JPG (513651 bytes)The caster mounts are clamped in place to be welded



adapter stages.JPG (544002 bytes) Here you can view my first attempt at machining. Not very pretty but it works. This is the adapter that bolts onto the output shaft of the NPC 64038 and a timing pulley mounts onto it. That way the shocks to the motor are limited. And we can have different speeds.

*gap*(to be filled)




drilling_holes_in_frame.jpg (523446 bytes)Drilling holes in frame so weld nuts can be welded in


frame almost done.JPG (383639 bytes)Frame almost done

frame_primed_back_view.JPG (1044772 bytes)Rear view of the frame

Frame_done_painted.JPG (928453 bytes)Finally, the frame is completed


Gap, although we forgot to take pictures during this part. We cut all the armor(.25" 6061) using a 20 year old jig saw, skill saw and then when we realized we were never going to  finish in time(this was 4 days before we planned to leave for Robocide) we went out and got a plasma cutter. That made QUICK work of the rest of all cutting


Gronding_down_bot_wit_armor_on.JPG (996707 bytes)Here I am grinding down the part of the frame where the weapon system mounts so that it will be level.(I think)



Weapon_pop.JPG (898938 bytes)Here is my weapon system PoP(pile o' parts) with the 3" mag on the left. 1.5" 4140 hardened steel shaft on the bottom. Right above that is the jack shaft and to the left of that is the small pulley that goes on the motor, and large which mounts to the weapon shaft.



bot_nearly_done_with_blade.JPG (918921 bytes)Nearly complete, all that is left is the belts and the mounting of a few other components. And of course the all important stickers.